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Achieve organizations effectiveness! 

Is your team not performing as well as you want them to do?

Does your organization have the right people, processes and structure in place to achieve its goals -- in the most efficient ways?

Are you sales down because lately ''no one is buying''?

You cannot execute?

Do you have a toxic, low-performance culture and you want to fix that?

As the world changes, how has your team been affected? As physical and virtual teams evolve in the 2020s, how can you ensure your team performs at its best, despite complex times?

Achieve team flow and transform a group of individuals into a high-performing dream team through shared leadership principles. A team in flow exceeds performance expectations, leverages each member’s unique talents, and bubbles with enthusiasm and creativity.


Does your organization have the right people, processes and structure in place to achieve its goals in the new normal -- in the most efficient ways?

I help leaders take a holistic approach to organizational strategy creation and execution. I coach you to identify your optimal path to success and design the most fitting operating model to get you there.

The whole idea is that humans are whole and resourceful and that leaders grow to be stronger, more adaptable and more self-sufficient when they learn how to think differently vs. simply accepting recommendations.

On the right side you can see examples of situations in which I have helped organizations improve.

Board Development
Many organizations have Boards that are not as effective as they could be. During this methodology I facilitate one-on-one with the Executive Director of the organization or I do group coaching with the Executive Director, Chairman of the Board and/or some members of the Executive Committee of the Board. I also start with a facilitated retreat based on your exact challenge, which includes some interviews beforehand to help the board members assess strengths and opportunities to improve.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees perform better and differentiate you from your competitors. But you can't improve engagement with measurement alone.

Through a strategic partnership, I help you raise engagement levels -- which will lead to increased revenue.

High Performance Culture

Culture east strategy for breakfast. (and lunch and dinner)

Bring your company culture to life to create results.

Your culture only enhances performance when people understand it and know how to live it out.

I will help you align what your leaders decide in the boardroom about your mission, purpose, vision and values with your employees' experiences and your brand.

Increase Sales

During my work teaching and training sales professionals in 8 different countries, I have identified and outlined the critical selling skills and behaviors. Sales coaching is best thought of as a behavior, not sales scripts, where the focus is on helping team members self-assess and self-discover ways to solve problems and grow.


Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results,
by Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams (Wiley, 2015)


Katherine Besong
Teacher Pegasus Academy Trust

Evan is highly professional and reliable coach.  He is always ready to help and offer solutions when needed.  Working with Evan was a pure pleasure.

Smiling Man with Tie

Lee Chong
IT Development Manager IBM 

Working with Evan  to set up, operationalize and refine a global executive coaching plan was one of the most satisfying partnership experiences that I personally have come across.

Identify your organization's purpose and strategy, then align your operating model around them.

Organizational effectiveness starts with your company's "why."

Since most organizations' purposes aren't clear, it follows that their
strategies and operating models are misaligned and unable to deliver optimal results.


Before creating an organizational strategy, I help companies crystalize their purpose and examine how effectively their purpose, culture and strategy translate into their operating model.

Then, I help them put the right people, processes and structure in place to achieve their goals.

nearly 60% of employees don't know what their organization stands for