Understanding Your Leadership Style

There are as many definitions of leadership as the thousands of books that were written on the topic over the years. Leadership has so many meanings and there is no right or wrong answer to the question of what leadership is. Depending on the person who leads and those being led, on any given day, leadership can mean teaching, coaching, motivating, cheerleading, counseling, guiding, correcting, protecting, explaining, and observing. Leadership requires that you chair meetings, hold hands, explain decisions, think about the future, and resolve conflict. None of these actions or tasks will happen discretely; usually they’ll happen all at once. If we want a quick, brief and general definition of leadership, we can say that leadership is the ability to bring like-minded people together to get remarkable things done. Because humans are social species and natural hierarchies develop, the concept of leadership emerged. Someone has to be in charge, share a vision, and lead others towards goals.

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