How To Settle Conflicts in a Remote-Work Setting

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a telecommuting culture that many workplaces plan to continue, new challenges are arising for managers. With team members working remotely, on-the-job conflicts happen digitally, with disagreements carried out not through face-to-face arguments, but over e-mails, texts and intraoffice channels like Slack for example.

A recent study from MyPerfectResume shines a harsh light on complaints between remote workers and how those complaints can act as a tinderbox in a distanced and potentially fragile work environment:

- 81 percent of remote professionals have experienced workplace conflict.

- 46 percent use a work messaging app for their arguments.

- Nearly 2 in 3 workers (65 percent) have experienced conflict with their co-workers, 19 percent with their direct manager, 11 percent with an external manager and 5 percent with an employee working at another company.

I am joined today by Vlasios Sarantinos - Senior Lecturer in HRM, where we discuss best practices to deal with conflict when you manage teams remotely.


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