How to have a good relationship with your boss

How to have a good relationship with your boss. Manager boss relationships.

If you didn’t already know, the most significant factor impacting your job satisfaction is your relationship with your direct manager. Not surprisingly, clients often bring me stories about the difficulty of working with their bosses.

It’s not always that these supervisors are bullies or tyrants; it’s simply that many employees don’t prioritize building a good relationship with their manager. The value of a good relationship is that it gives you a solid foundation when stressful times arise. Without one, you don’t have the open communication and sense of trust needed to resolve issues between you quickly.

Don’t make the mistake—one that so many people make—of believing your manager is simply a work troll to be tolerated (or worse). Look around and see what you can do to manage up effectively. You’ll find more satisfaction and learn far more in the process.