How to Be an Inspirational Leader

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

If our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more = WE ARE LEADERS.

Inspirational leadership is the skill to positive influence those around you and motivate others toward success. As a new leader or entrepreneur use Inspirational leadership to offer your employees or colleagues opportunities to develop their ambition based on your actions AND attitude.

Example is leadership. Let me use this phrase: One does not discover new lands without consenting, to lose sight of the shore, for a very long time.

Leaders do not wait for the ship to come in, leaders swim out to meet it. If you are a newly promoted leader or an entrepreneur, please understand that mot things are difficult before they became easy. Unfortunately, in some organizations and countries, people mis-understand authority for leadership. For me, authority is a poor substitute of leadership. If you are a newly promoted leader or entrepreneur or someone with a business who employs people, please remember that, failing to honor people and they will fail to honor you.

Inspirational leaders drive their team toward exceeding their goals while at the same time ‘’pull’’ each team member toward their own personal best. I suggest you do this by modelling the skills and attitude you would like your people to demonstrate. 

Leadership is action and leadership is not position or a high back chair in an office…

Below I share 3 tips on how to be an influential leader:

1.     People appreciate when their boss takes the time to get to know them. By getting to know about what your employees or team members value and how they work best, you will be able to find unique ways to stimulate them. Different people are inspired by different things, and understanding the individual personalities on your team will help you adjust your leadership style when working with others. When people feel understood, they may be more open to inspiration and direction.

2.     If you want to inspire your team, I suggest to have a reason for the work you do and guidelines for finishing that work. Developing core values and practicing them on a daily basis will show your team that their work can drive positive change in their life and work. When defining your core values, consider what is most important to your team in their work and their personal life. 

3. By building trust, you develop relationships that support growth on an individual and team level. If an employee or co-worker feels they can trust you, they may be more likely to accept advice and direction. An inspirational leader makes an impact by coaching others, and trust is necessary for them to flourish. Trust between co-workers shows that they will support one another through challenging times and always have in mind their team's best interests.

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