Do You Have a Why?

Ever wonder what your motive is for getting up every day? Some of us go through each day searching for our “why”—the purpose of our existence. Some stumble in their searches, while others make successful discoveries. There are also those who have successfully recognized their purpose but still veer onto different paths, diverted by other pursuits. Possibly you’ve been led to this video because, like many others, you’re searching for your own life's purpose. If you are feeling stuck in your career it’s because you have no momentum in your life forward or backward. You are stationary. You are caught between the tension of knowing you no longer want to do the work you’ve been doing, yet you have no idea what you would like to do for work. You are in limbo. You may even know what you want to do for work, but the fear of taking a step forward into the unknown outweighs the fear of remaining miserable because at least its familiar. You are in purgatory. You also feel stuck because it might be the first time in your life you are recognizing your desire for “something more” than you have been doing. You are tired of doing what you are “suppose to do” and now want to explore what it is you “want to do”. There is a way out of your stuck-ness. Find your “Why”. What Is Your “Why”?

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