5 Ways to Support Executive Working Moms

  1. Women's wellbeing tumbled as their levels of stress and worry increased

  2. The workforce has lost over 2 million women since the pandemic began

  3. Leaders can set the tone for working moms with these 5 points

The #pandemic shifted everything. And while the future of the traditional 9-to-6 workplace schedule is ambiguous, there are both positives and negatives regarding the new approach to getting work done. One of those negatives is that the workforce is currently down 500,000 more women than men compared with before the pandemic. After talking to few female executives I found that women's wellbeing slipped further than men's as their levels of stress climbed. "This year has been a roller coaster blur of tiredness, self-doubt, and loss of identity," one executive working mom said. "No matter what I did, I couldn't get ahead. I am behind on emails, behind on work tasks, behind on dishes and the list goes on. I still find it hard to grasp that a whole year has gone by. At times I am sa