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How do I mobilize, engage and motivate my staff
in the new hybrid work setting? 





5 Mistakes Even Smart C-Suites Make When Managing Hybrid Teams,
And What To Do Instead!


Limited copies available. Ger yours today!

In this powerful guide, you will discover:
Working Woman
  • The 5 mistakes even smart leaders make trying to manage a hybrid team, and what to do instead! 

  • You can't monitor every minute of a remote employee, so I will teach you how to manage performance remotely, the new way!

  • You'll learn how to build and maintain trust
    in your team, now that is different
    in the hybrid work setting.

  • 8 simple steps for motivated and
    productive hybrid employees
    and without going crazy micro-managing!

  • Feel certain about your career, because you are now confident in running a hybrid team effectively. 

And so much more…


Evan Tzivanakis

Evan is an Accredited Executive Coach, a Management Consultant, and an Online Visiting Lecturer at the EU Business School, Geneva Switzerland.

Throughout his career, has managed more than 500 employees across 8 countries and led companies to expand across the Asia Pacific region by successfully crafting the right company culture and leading people from the front.

With his hands-on international experience alongside his academic qualifications, he helps executive leaders and organizations to enhance their leadership presence, have more engaged teams, increase profits, and live happier. He does that by offering some of the most educational, impactful, and transformational coaching & training solutions worldwide.


Business Woman

Marketing Manager Leptos Estates

It feels fantastic because I am now able to engage and influence my team during our virtual zoom meetings.


Rogers Communications

I like Evan's non BS approach, which lead me to better job performance and growth prospects.

Person Sitting Behind Desk

Director, Analytics Online

It is excellent that now my boss has more confidence in me in managing our hybrid team effectively. 

Businesswoman with Laptop

President UJEB

It is wonderful that I can now track and increase team productivity better
while my team is half virtual and half in person. 

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