One-on-One Executive Coaching for Leaders and Decision Makers.
Achieve your full leadership potential.

Do you need more Leadership Presence so you can influence your stakeholders?

Do you want to develop new Leadership skills, in the new post-Covid environment?

Do you need discipline in certain areas in order to improve your personal performance?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed therefore you cannot execute?
Seems like people don't get what you are trying to communicate?

Whatever your objective, we’ll create a comprehensive action plan together; with all the professional tools you need to succeed.



You are a professional - me too!

For me, coaching means: an exchange among professionals.


''A personalized engagement to help leaders get out of their own way''

Most commonly, executive coaching is a one-on-one engagement between a leader and an executive coach that is designed to help that leader perform more effectively.

When done well, executive coaching leads the leader to feel more confident, courageous, and clear – not to mention more fulfilled, less stressed, and more effective. It is a relationship and a process, and at times it includes tools and frameworks. But more than anything it’s a relationship.

During the coaching process you will benefit from my external perspective, the objectivity that I have as an outsider and my ability to analyze complex situations and to professionally support you in developing your own strategic solutions. And you can always rely on my discretion and confidentiality.



As an executive coach, I own the process, professional tools and methodology and you own your challenge.

Working together, we will get to the root of the issue at hand and plan your next steps, helping you to make the commitment necessary to move forward.


My one-on-one executive coaching is a combination of a supportive exchange between me (the coach) and client (you), a rigorous commitment to goals, respect, and openness, which provide a rare opportunity for the client to participate in a journey of self-discovery, building awareness, taking responsibility, and exploring options. This opportunity to reflect and create is seldom found in today’s fast-paced organizations.

A skilled and accredited executive coach uses a combination of skills in observation, questioning, listening, and creative techniques based on sound psychological processes to create a conversation that is rich in insight and learning. This program is offered based on client needs and requests.

It is not always a comfortable process.
Do not expect me to give you the solution on the plate. Coaching means work for both of us. 

Sample of Executive Coaching Services provided by Evan:

  • Executive Leadership Development

  • C-Suite Peak Performance Coaching

  • CEO / CXO Succession Coaching

  • High-Potential Leadership Development

  • New Position Transition Coaching for Senior Leaders

  • Next-Level Preparation for Senior Leaders

  • Executive Leadership Brand Development

  • Sounding-Board Coaching for Senior Leaders


One-on-one coaching targeted to your unique needs. Whether your need is to improve your self-image, presentation skills, team leadership skills, talent leadership skills, executive presence, handling feedback, delivering feedback, handling disruption and conflict or, you are looking for private and confidential mentorship on how to get promoted, land that next executive role, even launch your new business I will work with you to: (1) better isolate your particular leadership development needs; (2) identify your deep leadership strengths and gifts that you can better leverage in support of your goals; (3) create a targeted, specific, results-driven plan that becomes your “blueprint” for taking positive action to meet your challenges head-on; and (4) leverage our proprietary process and tools to keep you laser-focused on achieving your goals.

The fast-paced world of business, leadership and life is stormy and disruptive, making it essential that you have a skilled mentor and coach who can help you navigate this complexity but, also, who can and will help you unlock and unleash your greatest potential so you become all that you can be.

This is your opportunity to work with me, one-on-one, so you can receive real-life insights and answers to your real-life challenges. It will be my privilege to be able to work with you and you have my commitment that I will share with you everything I know–my life’s work, experience, and insights to help you ignite and sustain your growth as a leader.


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  1. Solve the specific challenge/issue you initially had. 

  2. Get the feedback you may not get from those you work with.

  3. See yourself more clearly so that you can continue to develop both personally and professionally.  

  4. See others more clearly, so you can apply the same mental skills you learned for yourself so that you can become more accurate in your assessment of others.

  5. Have more clarity so you can focus on the things that really matter.

  6. Leverage an existing strength.

  7. Learn new ways to respond to leadership challenges. 

  8. Achieve what you want. 


Yin Yin Sew

Integrity and Governance Lead - UEM Sdn. Bhd.

As a solutions provider, Evan is sharp in identifying the needs of leaders who desire to improve their leadership skills. Personally, I am thankful to Evan for asking me powerful questions that addressed my "blind spots" while capitalizing on my strengths.​


Alokesh Bhattacharya

Head Of Business Development - Windsor Brokers

I ROI my coaching investment within 3 months. Evan is a superb mentor with patience and professional coaching tools. Thank you for your help in improving my communication skills, which helped me get a pay rise and a promotion. 


Ready to register but have some questions or want a discovery call to find out more?

I offer all my potential clients a first free discovery session, which is just that -  an opportunity to experience my style and explore how we might work together.  I will ask you some questions. This is called the assessment phase. This phase sheds a lot of light on how I can potentially ''move'' you from where you are, to where you want to be. 

Using up-to-date technology I regularly coach clients all over the world, so if we are not in the same location, you can still achieve the same powerful outcomes via virtual coaching.