I deliver bespoke 1-to-1 Executive Coaching to Leaders and Decision Makers.
This coaching is confidential (between you and I) and allows you to work on  weaknesses that may be holding you back, to help you solve a pressing work issue or, perhaps, to support you during a period of change. Some executives just need a sounding board and neutral party to bounce ideas off or to acquire experienced advice. 

Do you need more Leadership Presence so you can influence your stakeholders more?

Do you want to develop new Leadership skills, in the new post-Covid environment?

Do you need discipline in certain areas in order to improve your personal performance?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed therefore you cannot execute?
Seems like people don't get what you are trying to communicate?

Whatever your career objectives, we’ll create a comprehensive action plan together; with all the professional tools you need to succeed.



You are a professional - me too!

For me, coaching means: an exchange among professionals.


''A personalized engagement to help leaders get out of their own way''

Most commonly, executive coaching is a one-on-one engagement between a leader and an executive coach that is designed to help that leader perform more effectively.

When done well, executive coaching leads the leader to feel more confident, courageous, and clear – not to mention more fulfilled, less stressed, and more effective. It is a relationship and a process, and at times it includes tools and frameworks. But more than anything it’s a relationship.

During the coaching process you will benefit from my external perspective, the objectivity that I have as an outsider and my ability to analyze complex situations and to professionally support you in developing your own strategic solutions. And you can always rely on my discretion and confidentiality.


For whom and when is my Executive One-on-One coaching helpful?

As an executive coach, I own the process, professional tools and methodology and you own your challenge. Working together, we will get to the root of the issue at hand and plan your next steps, helping you to make the commitment necessary to move forward.

The whole idea is that humans are whole and resourceful and that leaders grow to be stronger, more adaptable and more self-sufficient when they learn how to think differently vs. simply accepting recommendations.

It is not always a comfortable process. Do not expect me to give you the solution on the plate. Coaching means work for both of us. 

On the right side you can see examples of situations in which I have helped executives.

Leadership skills

You have a profound impact on your company's performance and resiliency. My Leadership Presence Framework equips you to use a scientific approach -- based on more than 15 years of studying and practicing leadership behavior -- to put you in place that positively influence constituencies and make decisions that sustain your company or department through market disruptions.

Overcoming Overwhelm via Time and Priority Management 
Do you ever feel stretched, rushed or overwhelmed by everything that’s expected of you? Time is the most precious asset anyone has. When executives, managers, and up-and-coming talent don’t have enough time to do everything they want or need to do, they can start to feel overwhelmed. My methodology will help you get back in control and spend your time in the most productive and strategic ways.  

Strategic Planning 
Coaching is the most efficient approach for developing a strategy. A coaching process respects the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the organization’s employees. It relies on leadership to get a conversation going in the organization and make the difficult choices required to set direction. I will ask ask tough questions, keep people on task, serve as a sounding board, speak up when leadership wavers, and assist with implementation support.  

Execute Effectively 
A common frustration of leaders and managers is that their organization doesn’t execute effectively. They can’t get things done on time, under budget, with the desired quality. Alternatively, they can’t figure out how to solve problems or how to innovate faster than the competition. Is it an issue with an individual or with a group of individuals who can’t seem to execute? Is a team struggling? Is a particular initiative being derailed? Does the entire organization seem to have a culture that keeps things from getting done? My process will help you understand the challenge and then I will help you refine our discussion and start with a specific plan of action. 



We get to know each other during our discovery call conversation. Trust and professional fit are the basis of successful coaching. It is also important that the chemistry is right. If everything matches, we move to the next point.


If everything fits, we sign our work agreement. Formally and psychologically! Sounds exciting? I'll be happy to explain you in more details.


Now we define and set the specific goals you want to achieve.


We develop milestones, weekly evaluate whether they have been achieved and whether your progress is practically implemented into your everyday life and work. 


If necessary, we explore your cognitive abilities or thinking styles, behaviors, and interests using the PXT Assessment. My favorite tool!


Have we achieved our goals? Is the success of the changes long-term and sustainable? With continuous feedback, we keep an eye on the results of the coaching.


Speaking from experience, the minimum engagement time to tackle a high level work related challenge is 3 months,
the average is 6 months and it can go up to 12 months.  This depends on A) the complexity of the issue therefore my approach to help you solve your challenge, B) your commitment (coachee) and C) how fast you are applying.

As an executive coach, I own the process, professional tools and methodology and you own your challenge. Working together, we will get to the root of the issue at hand and plan your next steps, helping you to make the commitment necessary to move forward.

Our price for such solution ranges from $3,000 - $10,000 and it has an average 12 one-on-one coaching sessions with accountability exercises and homework in between.

Book a no obligation pre-coaching call with me. 

Over 30 minutes you will tell me about yourself, I will ask some questions, you will ask me questions, and then I will tell you about myself and what I think I can (or can not) do for you. After the call I will send you some information. You then decide whether you wish to proceed. If yes, then great (proceed to point 2), if no, your email and phone number are deleted and you will never hear from me again.

If you choose to proceed we will arrange where you wish to have coaching which is either in one of my offices in Asia or in Europe or virtually via Zoom or Skype. 


Yin Yin Sew

Integrity and Governance Lead UEM Sdn. Bhd.

As a leader and solutions provider, Evan is sharp in identifying the needs of leaders who desire to improve their leadership skills. Personally, I am thankful to Evan for asking me
powerful questions that addressed my "blind spot" while capitalizing on my strengths.​


Alokesh Bhattacharya

Head Of Business Development Windsor Broker

Evan is an extraordinary Leader. A superb mentor with patience and professional coaching tools. He is smart with great emotional intelligence skills. 

Frequently asked questions

I’m already a successful CEO/Executive/Leader, why do I need coaching?

Being a great leader isn’t just about making it to the top of the ladder. It’s about setting your north star, co-creating an inspiring vision, effectively and positively engaging your critical stakeholders, developing an executive presence, managing performance and driving the business forward.

It’s no easy task to do all these things and still stay sane!I often see leaders working on autopilot who don’t realise they could be achieving greater results. Just as an athlete needs a coach to reach peak performance, an executive coach helps you recognise blind spots and tackle limiting beliefs.

We act like a catalyst, maximising results by aligning your strengths and developing your potential in line with strategic goals and stakeholder needs.new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

I’m not the problem, it’s my team / organisation / legacy systems. How could coaching help?

Leadership is a contact sport. To ensure sustainable leadership impact, it pays to involve critical stakeholders through regular feedback and open communication.
It takes courage to become more self-aware and recognise your weaknesses, but the payoff is much, much greater. You’ll become a role model. You’ll be able to recognise growth opportunities more readily, enjoy greater buy-in from stakeholders and improved credibility. And that’s just for starters.

Do coaches actually get results, or is this a just feel-good exercise?

Coaching delivers results if you are ready to invest time, focus on your biggest impact opportunity and check in regularly with yourself and your stakeholders. Next to these tangible actions, the leaders who achieve the best results from coaching are humble, courageous and disciplined. In other words, they are willing to invest the time to focus on their growth and implement their learnings.

What if I need help in-between coaching sessions?

When you embark on a coaching journey with me, I walk alongside you. Your goals become my goals, and your success is my success. So, even when I’m not with you, I’m here for you via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or email.
It’s important to keep in touch in between sessions to keep up momentum, and to ensure that you are continuing to learn and grow. I’ll regularly check how things are going, whether challenges are being resolved or give you a kick up the backside!
Your growth journey is about partnership, and my clients have found that this technique cultivates greater progress, faster.