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Elevate Your Career Program

Want to level up in your career? Managed by someone who is not committed to your success? Overwhelmed by your job search, frustrated about your resume, stressed about your interview performance, or anxious about negotiating a higher job offer? Want to learn how to effectively network?

Join me in my virtual career coaching program on how to level up your career.

During the Elevate Your Career Program, I will teach you the proven strategies and methods I used to help all (100%) of my career coaching clients. 

If you are looking for new professional opportunities in 2023 and beyond, you should apply for the Elevate Your Career Program.

The Elevate Your Career Program focuses on main 3 strategic areas:

1: Your professional dreams, aspirations, and passion. These define your ideal career.

2: You as a product. Your talents, skills, achievements, and values determine how you show up as a product in the marketplace. 

3: What the marketplace wants. The market determines the opportunities for you to find a fit with your passion, talents, skills, and values.


In the Elevate Your Career Program, you will:

  • Gain Career Clarity: We will reflect on your career journey, discuss your career goals and determine clear job search criteria for your next professional chapter.

  • Understand: We will define who you are as a ''product'' in the marketplace. 

  • Get Clear On Your Values: We will get clear on your core values and their importance to finding a good fit in almost anything you do in life.

  • Explore Your Leadership and Personality Style: We will analyze and assess your leadership and communication style with the PXT Leadership Assessment Psychometric Test. 

  • Craft Your USPs: We will elucidate your unique selling points and how to use those to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

  • Create a Strong Networking Strategy: We will create a targeted job search strategy, develop your company dream list and design your professional opportunity pipeline.

  • Perfect Your Professional Brand: We will strengthen your digital brand and optimize your professional presence on LinkedIn.

Should you join the Power Up Your Career Program? If you answer yes to any of the following statements, then, this program was definitely designed for you!

  • You lack clarity about what you want to do in your next professional chapter.

  • You are working at a place where you know you are not being challenged and there is no opportunity to advance.

  • You are managed by someone who does not inspire you to do the very best work of your career and is not committed to your success.

  • You believe you should be paid more for your talent and you want to earn more money. 

  • You are overwhelmed by the thought of networking and performing well during interviews.

  • You would love to discover proven systems that can help you streamline your job search.

  • You are anxious about negotiating a higher salary and you want to leave no money behind.

  • You want real-life examples of people who have leveled up in their careers.

Did you say yes to one, or more, of those statements? If so, we would strongly encourage you to schedule your discovery call and talk with me.

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