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Discover the power of peer-to-peer support – for you and your team!

Teams are made up of individuals. Winning teams work collaboratively to resolve conflict, define responsibilities, and achieve common goals.
Stop focusing on day-to-day struggles and transform your team into a consistent, high-performing powerhouse.
Step away from the one-off team building events that do not lead to impactful sustainable results.
I will help you boost workable results that drive long term strong team performance by equipping your people with continuous feedback and coaching that requires minimum investment.



Would you like to build a strong, sustainable team with a focus on company-wide strategic impact?


Do you want to bring remote teams together, working collaboratively towards a common purpose?


Are you looking to tackle conflict and poor performance head on, and give your team a new perspective?

Group coaching for leaders

Build confidence, overcome common challenges and raise your self-awareness in partnership with fellow leaders, with collaborative group-coaching programs.

Group coaching for leaders

Build confidence, overcome common challenges and raise your self-awareness in partnership with fellow leaders, in collaborative group-coaching programs.


Share common experiences with peers and learn best practice to overcome limiting beliefs.


Get valuable feedback from fellow leaders to understand your individual strengths and challenges.


Accelerate learning and create sustainable change with supportive peer-to-peer group coaching.


Kris Tria
Assistant Vice President HSBC

Evan is a great leader. He knows how to motivate his team and make sure they maximize their potentials. It has been a pleasure to work for him albeit it was only for a short period.


Amit Kumer Dutta
Business Development Director Olymp Trade

Felt lucky to have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor. A very good listener and quick to detect which approaches will work.


How does group coaching work?

It is a customised group-coaching journey for 6-12 individuals with common leadership challenges.
Then, over the course of 6-8 months, we’ll conduct monthly group coaching sessions and also separate, individual 1:1 coaching calls for each participant.
We’ll gather important feedback, explore common scenarios and measure behavioural change to create sustainable, positive impact.

How can you guarantee sustainable impact?

At the start of any coaching journey with me – whether as a team, group or individual – we’ll define clear, tangible goals together. Then we build the basic conditions for accountability through team/self monitoring systems, coaching on the job and stakeholder feedback. This accelerates the learning and ensures stronger uptake of new insights.

Is group coaching as impactful as individual executive coaching?

Group coaching offers peer-to-peer support, common synergies and understanding. It’s also flexible and highly engaging due to its interactive format.
During group sessions, we will report on recent progress and setbacks, identify a current challenge and a specific scenario to explore, engage in role-play and planning, and then use peer-to-peer feedback to push individuals out of their comfort zone.
Together, you’ll learn new tools and tactics and discover new resources. You’ll also build a personal development plan to maintain learning and growth.
Some leaders are naturally drawn to this format for developing self-awareness and confidence, while others prefer 1:1 coaching. Call me to find out which format will work for you.