Hello, my name is Evan Tzivanakis. I coach executives.
I help Leaders develop high performing multi-cultural teams
which create results and increase bottom line.

What are you struggling with the most?

“I really want to create ownership mentality amongst my staff, but they just seem to want to watch the clock or just do only what is asked of them.”


“I have transitioned into a new leadership role and I want to keep up or even stay ahead of the learning curve.”

“Sales are down since the start of the pandemic. We struggle to sell virtually”

“My team keeps missing deadlines and I don’t know how to drive accountability without firing people.”

“I want to improve my company's culture so we can execute more”

For leaders and decisions makers, these are challenges - and burdens.

As a coach who is experienced in leadership and scaling companies, I will support you in solving some of your most pressing issues. The basis of this are your strengths, which we will specifically develop and which you can then, use in practice.

I look forward to accompanying you in this exciting journey.


Here is how I can support you

Leading teams during these VUCA times is not an easy job, there are lots of spinning plates, politics to navigate, making sure you are in line with your own career ambitions, making sure you are engaging your people and running a high performing team and on top of that achieve KPI's.


Great leaders know that they need support, clarity, a sounding board, and a safe space to talk about different options of decisions they must make.


This is where I come in.


​I help Leaders develop high performing multi-cultural and engaged teams which create results and add to the bottom line.

I do that by offering the most educational, transformational and impactful coaching solutions.
When executives work with me, they experience growth in their leadership skills, develop healthy work cultures, improve management skills, engage, and mobilize their workforce.
We work together to create stronger teams that positively impact their bottom line and increase sales. I am a practitioner not a theorist therefore I deliver practical solutions through my experience, best-in-class coaching toolkits and methodology.


High impact and tailored programs for high impact leaders.


Explore your blind spots, and limiting beliefs in confidence, to become a more influential leader.


Build a powerful team or develop your leadership style, with unparalleled peer-to-peer support.


Build a great company culture, develop people, attract talent and aligning strategy to business needs.

Happy Businessman
Team Meeting

Christiana Ioannou
Marketing Manager Leptos Estates

Evan is truly a gifted speaker and business coach. He has a way to transfer his know how in an engaging and fun manner that every different type of employee and business person can relate to and remember for life. It is person who with his experience and extended knowledge on business can guide anyone into changing their business and personal attitude into the attitude of a winner!


Prafull Mahajan
Sales Consultant at Rogers Communications

Great Leader with lots of energy and enthusiasm, always ready to support and encourage his team members.​
His Leadership framework helped me take my leadership presence skills to the next level.


Tatyana Zurabyan
Director, Analytics Online

Evan has great coaching and leadership skills. Adding to this his non-stop personal development and excellent knowledge of many industries he can give a real impact on any business - starting from motivation and setup, and till the development of the stuck processes in the company. I recommend Evan as a highly professional coach and sales strategist

Your benefits

  • You will save precious time and money. Stop paying hundreds of thousands of dollars because of miscommunications and poor team mismanagement.


  • You will add to your bottom line. Working with me you will see an increase in your bottom line! Research proves time and time again that leaders and teams with coaches earn more and make more versus their peers that receive no coaching.


  • You will increase sales by creating a high performing team that gets along and is fun to work with!


  • You will perform better because you will become more confident, courageous, and clear – not to mention more fulfilled, less stressed, and more effective.